There are many stories behind this blog. Some of them already are in front, because I posted many stuff around here (well, not much in English, as I started writing in this language much recently). But to be short: this is the personal blog of George Marques.

Here I post my rants and daydreams, my opinions and philosophies, my stories and vignettes. As a writer, it’s always good to have place to unburden. And here is my place to do that.

Nevertheless, here I keep a serious posture. Even if every now and then I allow myself a bit of joking, I don’t have the intention to delude or deceive the readers. What I post here is my real opinion, which I keep myself the right to change it if deemed necessary.

There are many of mine experiences and knowledge around here and I hope that they can help other people. I always accept suggestions, corrections and criticism (I shouldn’t need to say, but I only accept positive criticism). Special things here are about writing, programming, and music, the three arts that I’m really good at.

Avail yourself from what is useful, ignore what is weird and simply avoid what is boring. Use this philosophy for this blog as for your life.